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Specialist Foot Surgeon and Podiatry Services

Foot pain is not normal. Seek help. Dr Burke Hugo offers general & surgical care for all foot & lower limb conditions including but not limited to:
Burke Hugo Perth Foot Surgery
Foot Surgery

Because I am a surgeon doesn’t mean I will recommend surgery!  I consider all non-surgical solutions first.  However, since I am an Associate Professor of Podiatric Medicine & Surgery at University of Western Australian, then I will have access to the best resources to help you if surgery is needed.

Burke Hugo Perth Orthotic Therapy
Orthotic Therapy

Foot orthoses are a way of balancing the foot, lower leg, knees, hips and back.  There are many conditions where orthoses may help.  The key to success is the skill of the health practitioner.  I have many years experience as a senior podiatrist within Perth Hospitals, private practice, and at UWA, where I teach as an Associate Professor.  Would you trust your feet to anyone else?

Burke Hugo Perth Fungal Nails
Fungal nail infection?

This is a terrible and unsightly infection that is hard to treat and can spread.  Many pharmacy products are not effective.  The laser I use is superior to many on the market since it has a 5mm dot point. Lasers produce light and heat that penetrates some distance into the nail killing fungal elements in a safe way. If you really want to see your unsightly nails fixed in the fastest way possible then see me.  I can also prescribe strong antifungal medications if necessary.  Not all podiatrists can!

Foot or leg pain is not normal. Seek help.