About Dr Burke Hugo

Dr Burke Hugo is both a Podiatric Surgeon and Podiatrist. He completed a Doctor of Clinical Podiatry Degree at University of Western Australia specialising in foot and ankle surgery and was subsequently accepted as Fellow and Vice President of the Australian Association of Podiatric Surgeons (BSc Biol, BSc Pod, DClinPod, FAAPS).  Dr Hugo runs a private clinic and is Deputy Head of Division at the University of Western Australia’s Podiatric Medicine & Surgery Division.

Dr Hugo has both General and Specialist registration so can provide your full range of care including surgical repair of problems such as bunions, claw/hammer toes, painful lumps and bumps, and neuromas, and drug prescriptions. His Private Clinic provides advanced Orthotic therapy using modern 3D Scanning equipment to manufacture customised foot orthotics.  You do not need a referral for treatment, and Health Insurance funds can cover the cost of treatment and surgery.

Dr Hugo has surgical privileges at: The Park Private hospital, McCourt Street Day Surgery, UWA Day Surgery, Walcott Street Day Surgery. Academy Face & Body Day Surgery (associated with this practice).

Please send any questions you have via the ‘Contact’ link on the menu bar. Or if you prefer you can email direct at info@hugopodiatry.com.au


Foot Surgery
Fungal nail laser
Orthotic Therapy
Steroid injections
Foot,Ankle & Leg Pain
Wart Removal
Prescription Medications
Foot Surgery

Bunion pain, claw toes, ganglions, neuromas, ingrown nails. If you are uninsured there may be an affordable option for you!  Different hospitals can be selected to suit your budget without compromising health or outcomes.

Orthotic Therapy

State of the art scanning equipment and expert design for foot orthoses.  There are many different types of foot orthoses (inserts). The key is understanding your unique biomechanics.

Pain is not normal. Seek help.