I have had a few people enquire about what is known as Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS).   I can understand how patients worry about the size of incisions needed to perform some procedures such as bunion surgery.  The length of a standard bunion surgery incision is about 10cm.  This is to enable clear visualisation of the surgical site and allow for the osteotomy (bone cut).  Another important part of bunion surgery is the screw fixation after the osteotomy.  The length of the incision is far less important than the accuracy of the internal work, and the final result.  Most incisions go on to heal with minimal, and sometimes indiscernible scarring.  There are risks involved with MIS due to not being able to adequately see what you are doing inside the wound.  Its worth considering that you may be swapping a small incision for failed bunionectomy!  For that reason, I am often persuading patients to stay with the tried and proven surgical methods.