Men’s Health Week – Are Your Feet Holding You Back?

There is evidence that suffering from day-to-day foot pain can affect our ability to walk, exercise and impact on our general health. Properly looking after your feet not only improves all round foot health, it could also improve your mental and physical wellbeing. Many men put up with foot pain hoping it will go away, compared with women who more likely to seek help from a podiatrist.

There is ample evidence showing that men who exercise regularly have better mental health and emotional wellbeing. After all, walking really is the best medicine! Are painful feet getting in your way?

Some common foot problems preventing exercise are:
• Bunions
• Heel pain
• Morton’s neuromas
• Hallux rigidus (inflexible big toe)
• Ingrown nails
• Clawed or hammer toes
• Flat feet

Finding appropriate footwear for the task that also fits correctly is essential. Poor footwear can be the direct cause of those problems listed above. Flat feet can cause muscle fatigue, heel, knee, hip and back pain.

Men will be quickly onto any problems affecting their cars since not only do they take pride in them, cars are a valued form of transport. So why not take pride in the transport you were born with! Make your feet last a lifetime and seek specialist help if needed. Podiatric Surgeons are Specialist Foot Surgeons with the skills to diagnose and treat foot pain and foot related issues. Especially if your feet are getting in the way of exercise and work. See Dr Hugo for foot health advice. Call 9382 4800 for an appointment.