Clawed toe, hammertoe or mallet toe can be painful and annoying deformities. They rub on footwear and can develop hard skin (callus or corns) on the prominent bumps. There are various padding and strapping devices that can help alleviate discomfort from hammertoes, however surgery is likely the only permanent cure. There are many techniques that can be used depending on the level of deformity and which toe is affected.  Sometimes lengthening or cutting a tendon can straighten out the toe.  In other cases there are arthritic changes in the joints and surgery known as Arthroplasty or Arthrodesis is required.  In most cases surgery is performed in Day Surgery hospitals meaning you can go home the same day.  You can walk and weight bear immediately, and there are new techniques that don’t require external pins.  See Dr Hugo for all your options and the solution may be simpler than you think!  Please ask for further information.