Unfortunately fungal nail infections are very common and hard to eradicate. This nail infection is known as Onychomycosis.  There are numerous pharmacy products and medications that claim to help, however these can be expensive, have long treatment times, and high failure rates.  Laser treatment is a safe alternative which has the potential to cure with one session.  The laser applies heat and light which penetrates some distance through the nail and into the nail bed.  This is destructive to the fungus.  It is painless although you may feel mild heat.  So why spend months to years and hundreds of dollars on medications when a simple laser session could destroy the infection?  However not all lasers are equal.  The laser Dr Hugo uses has a 5mm beam and greater penetration, compared to cheaper 2mm lasers some podiatrists use.  This increases effectiveness of treatment.  Call or email if you wish to treat your fungal nails!  9382 4800