In years gone by people associated bunion surgery with weeks in hospital and serious pain.  Thankfully this is no longer the case.  Modern methods for bunion surgery usually result in minimal pain and immediate weight bearing (standing & walking). Although there are limitations with activity until the bone has healed.  Bunion surgery is often performed as a day surgery, meaning you can go home the same day.  Why put up with bunion pain, toe pain, or other forms of foot pain when there could be a surgical option to repair it?  I see many patients with bunion pain who say “why didn’t anyone tell me this could be fixed?  I wish I did this years ago!”.   Receive expert advice.  Bunion surgery may not fix your problem but you will never know unless you see an experienced clinician.  You should leave a consultation with the feeling that all your concerns were listened to and the clinician explained everything to your satisfaction.  This is usually the point of difference that Podiatric Surgeons offer.  See Dr Burke Hugo for appropriate advice for Bunion Pain and Bunion Surgery.